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Provenance and record keeping has been done differently by about every collector, if it’s even done at all.The problem is there has been no easy way to do it, or standard that anyone follows. Often, the info doesn’t get saved or gets lost. I am sure we have all seen the artifacts that have changed hands a few times that have a site or catalog number written on them. The only problem is unless you have the catalogs or log book those numbers and letters mean nothing. At best we might get a county or state out of it, or have to guess at it.

It is my goal to change the way we handle record keeping of artifacts. I have created a standard system where all information, and even photos of an artifact can be stored in one place, safe and secure and be easily accessible to anyone who wants to look. No more trying to find or look up data on an artifact that was stored away long ago or misplaced.

Registering is fast and easy. Once an artifacts information is registered and given a unique ID number anyone can see all information stored on that artifact with a few simple clicks. You can feel confident that after you register your artifacts the information stored will be safe and secure for your lifetime and beyond. I believe as caretakers of these artifacts we have the responsibility to not only keep the artifact safe but safeguard the information that comes with it for future generations.

Watch this video on how to register an artifact

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