Why Register Artifacts?​

I believe collecting artifacts comes with great responsibility. Not only should we keep artifacts safe but we should also consider keeping their history safe as well. That is exactly what this site can do by registering an artifact. With this site you will be able to do one of the most important aspect of collecting and that is preserving history.

What should I register?​

You can register any type of artifact you choose. Just fill out the register form with all the info you have available for that artifact.

Who should register?

Anyone who has artifacts can register on this site. You will have the option to register a single artifact up to as many as you would like.

What Myartifactyregistry.com Does?​

This site creates a place to register artifacts to a super database. Each artifact will be designated a unique artifact ID that will act like a social security for that artifact. All the information that is entered for that artifact will be stored with it’s unique ID. As a member of this site you will be able to  create, store or edit information and pictures of all your artifacts that you choose to register. Using this site ensures the provenance of an artifact is never lost or forgotten. Registering your artifacts not only saves and protects its information but adds value to them and piece of mind that all information is secure for future owners even after we are long gone.

All members will be able to quickly search for an artifact simply by typing in the unique ID associated with each artifact. Entering a unique ID in the search field will bring up all the information that was stored with that artifact. The search field will also allow users to search for an artifact by specific information also by using Keywords like type of point, finders name, state found, county found, etc. the more keywords listed the more specific the search. If you are just wanting to view a list of a certain type of artifact, enter the type in the search field and all artifacts registered of that type will be displayed. If you want to view artifacts by state, enter the state in the search bar and all artifacts register by that state will be displayed. You don’t have to be a member to search this site, if you just like looking at artifacts feel free to search away, all artifacts registered for public view will be displayed. Click button to watch a how to video.


This is a public site for registering artifacts. We encourage users to add as much information as possible to help save and protect the history of an artifact. As a member of this site you have the option to keep all data stored private and the artifacts information can only be viewed by the specific user who registered it. The unique ID assigned each artifact is not public and can only be viewed by the user who registered it. Like a social security number if you don’t choose to make the info public, it stays specific to that user. However, if someone has the unique ID for an artifact, once it is entered in the search field all info will be displayed for that artifact. The reason for this is to protect the history of the artifact. This will ensure the info to an artifact that is registered is not lost, in the event a user unexpectedly passes. If you choose the privacy setting, I would encourage you to keep the unique ID numbers with the artifacts so future owners of the artifact can enjoy its history, and the new owner can continue to add information to it as time passes.

Start Searching Today

This site is totally free to look, so if you are new and just looking go ahead and give it a try. All artifacts that are registered for public view will be available to look at. Just enter keywords in the search field and enjoy access to thousands of artifacts.

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